Powerful, precision meat slcers

Completely re-engineered for finer slice control and uniform stacking.

All Stainless Steel construction - Engineered for fast, thorough cleaning.

About us



          In 1986, Kasel Mechanical Service was founded to serve the refrigeration and boiler needs of the local food processing industry. The business expanded quickly, acquiring loyal clients, more service equipment, personnel and properties.


          Today we are known as Kasel Associated Industries, Inc., a growing, successfully diverse, sales and service oriented company. We strive to meet the needs of clients throughout the United States, South America, Canada, Europe and many other countries.

          From our headquarters in Denver, Colorado, we provide a varied set of services to the food processing industry. Kasel Associated Industries, Inc. currently operates two separate divisions. The Mechanical Division, an extension of the original Kasel Mechanical Service, occupies a 67,000 sq.ft. warehouse. This division performs the installation and repair of industrial refrigeration and boiler systems. The Manufacturing Division occupies our new 23,000 sq.ft. warehouse and handles the sales and service of new slicing equipment, primarily for the meat processing industry. Toby Enterprises was acquired in 2001 and Kasel Associated Industries Manufacturing Division has begun production of newly designed Toby slicing machines. The same quality and efficiency we build into all our equipment is evident in these new machines.


          Our clients know they can depend on Kasel Associated Industries, Inc. to provide consistently high quality equipment, parts and service. Our success is due in large part to the expertise of our staff. Efficient and highly trained, Kasel employees can fabricate, install, maintain and repair virtually any machine used in the food industry. Our knowledge covers the full spectrum of machinery and systems necessary to efficiently process food. Whether you need a new machine or service on an existing one, Kasel Associated Industries, Inc. wants you to be satisfied. With customer satisfaction as a top priority, we strive to provide only exceptional service and we are committed to high quality equipment and installation.